Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of music do you have?
    Time Warp Mobile DJ offers an extensive selection of songs from the current hits back to the 1920's.  This includes Pop-Rock, Country, Motown, Swing, Big Band, and Classic    Rock-Oldies. Edited-lyric versions of some of the Top-40 songs are also available. 
  2. What if we want particular songs for our wedding or event?
    I usually have most songs that are requested, but if not I will make every attempt to obtain songs that are special for you. If you have a list of songs I will try to include as many of them as possible. I do not use a pre-programmed format so I am very flexible. I adjust all selections around your specifications, how your guests respond to the music, and try to include as many requests as possible.
  3. How long have you been a DJ and what kind of experience do you have?
    To ensure the success of your event, an experienced DJ is a must. Since I started my business in 1984, I have played at hundreds of events. I've provided music for numerous weddings, anniversaries, class reunions, elementary through college dances, corporate parties, civic events, New Year's Eve events, country dances, birthday parties, and seniors' dances. My wide range of experience helps me provide you with a special event filled with lasting memories.
  4. Who will actually be the DJ who plays our music; will YOU be my DJ?
    Many of the large DJ companies have a large pool of DJ's that they assign to jobs. At wedding shows you will meet their most experienced DJ's, but that does not guarantee you will actually have that DJ. I am a single system operator and I will be your DJ. I do not employ others or delegate jobs to less experienced DJs. Being a DJ is an art form and I provide a specialized service that cannot be duplicated.
  5. We have a plan in mind for our reception. Can you work around that?
    Absolutely, my goal is to provide you with a customized event. A consultation will provide us with an opportunity to connect and discuss all the details for your reception. We will cover what activities you want to include and choose all your special songs. We will also discuss how your wedding party will be introduced and the order of all activities. I will manage the flow of events at your reception to ensure a smooth fun-filled evening.
  6. Do you take requests?
    I have a large music library and your guests are welcome to make requests. I make every reasonable attempt to honor as many requests as possible. My extensive music collection allows me to supply most requests. However, I cannot guarantee fulfilling every request.

  7. We've been to receptions where the music is too loud, the DJ talked too much or there were gaps in the music. How do you prevent this?
    I am volume sensitive. Background music should be in the background so guests can enjoy their conversations. At events such as wedding receptions there is often a wide variety of generations. I adjust the volume to be sensitive to the guests and events as they unfold. Louder is not necessarily better.  I limit my vocal involvement to the moments where it is necessary to introduce people, encourage involvement or make announcements. I am constantly cueing up the next songs to be ready for that transition to create a continuous flow of entertainment.

  8. What kind of music do you have for teen parties that is appropriate for school settings and fits parents' expectations?
    Young people want to have a great time and worry that school and parent restrictions are going to prevent this. Parents and schools worry about the music available today. I balance those two conflicting views by pre-screening songs for content, monitoring requests, and having edited lyric selections available. The majority of the requests do not even fall in that category. So parents, teachers and young people can relax and enjoy themselves.

  9. Are you professionally attired for our event?
    I am professionally attired for every event. For formal occasions I wear a tux. I try to match my attire to the event such as business casual, casual, and dress for the occasion for special themes like country or luaus

  10. Do you charge for travel or setup time?
    I do not charge for setup or travel time. You are paying for the time that I play your music. A travel charge would only occur to offset gasoline costs if there is a long distance involved such as over 100 miles. This is rarely involved since most of Northwest Ohio is within this radius.

  11. What is included in your packages? Does it cost extra f we want dance lighting, up-lighting, games, props, and for your set-up time?
    I have a full light show and it is included in my fee. There is no additional charge for the regular dance lights. I am now offering UPLIGHTING  for your head table. There will be a small additional fee to set these up. I do not charge any additional fees for the other equipment I provide. I supply wireless microphones to make announcements and toasts unrestricted by table locations. For anniversaries and events centered around a time period I will have fun trivia available to enhance the fun. There are no additional charges. No surprises. The fee you will be quoted includes everything. You can purchase additional time as needed. I do ask for a $100 deposit to secure the date and that is applied directly toward your balance

  12. I'm having my wedding ceremony outdoors and the reception is in a different location. Can you provide sound for both?
    Yes. I have a second sound system available for a small additional fee. This includes a lapel microphone for the person officiating your marriage. I have a large selection of appropriate music for these occasions. I have also played customer-provided cd's of musical accompaniment and a microphone for the individual performing the vocals.

  13. Do you carry back-up equipment for if you have a failure?
    Yes. As an experienced DJ, I carry backup equipment for anything that could possibly go wrong. I have replacement amplifiers, speakers, hard drives and CD's to play when the power blinks.

  14. Do you just play music or do you engage the guests and try to create a party atmosphere?
    I am an interactive DJ. I select music that appeals to your guests to get the party rolling. I also play games, do ice-breaking dances, use party props to get the party started and involve your guests.

Do you have lighting?

Time Warp Mobile DJ offers customized entertainment for your celebration.

What do you provide?

Professional dance lights help to set the mood—from that romantic first dance to

a rocking good time.

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